The PANUACH TRAVELLER Collection is the first one the brand is launching. 
It consists of a route around the world that has stop at the most important cities of the 5 main continents on earth.
Each timepiece will represent a city, and it will be inspired by its people, its architecture, and its culture.
The cities will be maintained in secret until the launching of each model, which means that you will not be able to know the whole PANUACH trip until the last destination is announced.
The aim of this collection is to connect the world through the most important metropolitan cities, making people all around the globe more knowledgeable about the different cultures and ethnicities.
Moreover, this collection will bring you the opportunity to discover the most awesome and exclusive places these metropolises are hiding.  


The PANUACH trip is characterized by a series of stops in the most important cities of the world. This map will show the path that the route is going to follow, identifying with a coloured star the cities in which we will stop. Each metropolis will get a different colour and, in this way, at the end of the trip there will be a PANUACH TRAVELER map full of colours and life, a map that will connect the world through the most spectacular cities on the planet.

First stop, BARCELONA.